If you find our research interesting, want to collaborate, take a Master or Ph.D. with in our lab or have any other questions, feel free to send an email to: Lars Ailo Bongo

Contact information

Lars Ailo Bongo
Bjørn Fjukstad
Einar Holsbø
Morten Grønnesby
Johan Ravn
Tim Alexander Teige
Nina Angelvik
Alexander Raknes
Aleksander Agafonov
Jon Ivar Kristiansen
Rigmor Katrine Johansen

Visiting address

The lab is located in the Department of Computer Science and Center for Bioinformatics at the University of Tromsø:

Department of Computer Science,
Science Building (Realfagbygget), University Campus
Hansine Hansens vei 54
Tromsø (Breivika)

Center for Bionformatics,
NorStruct, Department of Chemistry
Research Park 3
Sykhusvegen 23
Tromsø (Breivika)

The following links provide information about how to get to Department of Computer Science and Center for Bioinformatics.